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Flush cache for one site in redis

I'm testing a setup with redis as cache for a drupal site - and I'm still thinking about one redis as caching solution for several drupal sites without critical content.

Website Hotel Post Tirol

Following the trend to small, informative Websites we've created a little Homepage for Hotel Post in Tirol, with the Domain, which gives all Information regarding holidays in t

Drupal 8 and blocks in views header

Strange but true: In drupal 8 you can place a rendered block entity into the views header - but only, if this block shows up anywhere, if it is placed in a region.

Ignore file mode changes in git

As I do not want to manage my file modes with the git repo I'm rather annoyed when a simple file mode change states as changed files in git status or in git diffs.

Create fast updates for ftp

Several customers host their sites on shared hosts which do not allow ssh access or do not have git installed on their servers.

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