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Simple git deployment for small sites

Use FTP only for media files and settings ... but deploy very fast with git:


  • Ssh user with access to directory outside document root

  • Git installed

  • Ssh Access with ssh-keygen

  • Choose document root for domain in configuration


On remote server:

Ssh into it

$ mkdir NAMEOFSITE.git && cd NAMEOFSITE.git

$ git init --bare

$ cd ..

$ mkdir /path/to/document_root

$ cd NAMEOFSITE.git/hooks

$ cp post-receive.sample post-receive

$ vim post-receive


… in file post receive add the following line:

GIT_WORK_TREE=/path/to/document_root git checkout -f

Save file with vim and make it executable

$ chmod 0700 post-receive


On local machine (development environment):

Add a second remote (live in my example ) to your repo:

$ git remote add live ssh:// && git push live +master:refs/heads/master


Daily workflow:

To push to liveserver simply do a

$ git push live master


To force a copy, when everything seems up-to-date, ssh into the server and do

$ sh NAMEOFSITE.git/hooks/post-receive