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Combine PDF on console

Put all pdf's you want to combine in a directory. Name them in the order, you want to combine them.

qpdf --empty --pages *.pdf -- NameOfMergedFile.pdf

Remove a remote in git

For testing or for basic deployment setup for small sites I often use two remotes. Origin for my backup and live or test as a second remote. To remove a remote named test use:

Delete a remote branch with git

To delete a remote branch, you can’t use the git branch command. Instead, use the git push command with --delete flag, followed by the name of the branch you want to delete.

History search

Easy way to repeat often used commands on the linux console ... add history search backwards to .inputrc in your home directory:

cd ~

vim .inputrc

Install and use latest nodejs

sudo apt purge nodejs npm

curl -o- | bash


Open new terminal

Ubuntu - Check diskspace

df shows you the percentage per volume which is in use - but to clean up your diskspace it's much more practical to see the directories which are filled with 'tons' of filegarbage ...

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