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Harddisk speed

For some years I had problems when updating or installing a site with composer from my vagrant box. I didn't know why - but it took way to much time, to unzip the files and to write them to the harddisk from the shared folders. My host is Linux/ Ubuntu and the data partition was formatted as ext4.

During the last days I experimented with behat and docker for automated tests ... during this experiments I did two things, which may have accelerated the composer installs as well:

In the vagrant box (and the host system) I installed p7zip:

sudo apt-get install p7zip-full

And on the host system I altered /etc/fstab (appended barrier=0 as option to my data partition):

# Automount Daten
UUID=1f8b23fc-7b08-4324-XXXXXXXX /media/username/Daten    ext4    defaults,barrier=0    0    2

I have no clue which change sped up the harddisk or heavy composer operations ... but I'm glad about this surprise and wanted to note it down!